Joe Trinca - Owner

CrossFit L2 Trainer
CrossFit Recognized Olympic Weightlifting Course
CrossFit Recognized Gymnastics Course
CrossFit Scaling Course

Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY
Education: Nazareth College
Sports: Lacrosse, Football, Wrestling
Career: Ridgeway Athletics Owner
Nickname: Joey Bags, Joey Bag-a-donuts
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Song: My Hometown, Bruce Springsteen
Favorite Album: Fun; Some Nights
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Handstand Walk & Muscle-ups
Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: Pistols

Joey was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. He played lacrosse, football and wrestled in high school then attended college at Nazareth and majored in social work while being a participant of the mens lacrosse team. At age 18 he was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma, a rare cancer of the lymphatic system, he underwent months of chemo therapy and after being told he had a 43% chance of life, he was motivated to sustain and perpetuate a healthy lifestyle after beating the odds.
He became involved in CrossFit in 2010, he has coached and assisted in both the gym industry as well as nutrition. He worked very closely with the team at Project LeanNation to grow the business and community to be a recognized named in the Rochester community.
Joey has created a mantra that he lives by and loves to share with his community:

Today is yours, you will never see these moments again, you can relive them in only memory. Every passing second, minute and hour, use to the maximum potential. You can always make time, never become a slave to it.

You have every opportunity in front of you. Whatever life throws at you, it is your ability and willingness to make a choice that will either gain great success or offer you a learning experience.

Remember those successes but act like you've done it a hundred times, learn from your failures but don't dote on them.

You are a champion, you've overcome chaos in many forms sometimes more bruised and battered then usual but still standing and still moving forward.

Now is your opportunity to take others with you. Don't be reckless with other people's time and don't waste time on people who are reckless with yours.

Be impeccable, be virtuous, be altruistic. Lose yourself in the service of others and become a wealthier man for it.

My Story 

As a cancer survivor and a victim of child sexual abuse I recognize the importance of balancing both mental and physical health. I found myself searching for ways to support those in similar circumstances by receiving my degree in social work and assisting a wide range of individuals from homeless and runaway youth, substance abuse, refugee resettlement and community healthcare. Although these served a purpose it wasn't until I shifted my focus on helping others through fitness, health and wellness that I had found my passion.

CrossFit has created both a support network and an outlet for me. I fell in love with the community and have forged friendships that will last a lifetime and It has been a dream of mine to create an environment that fosters that experience for others. I strive to be the gym that cultivates positive attitudes and develops individuals with a growth mindset focusing on how we can each become 1% better today!