Andrew Follett - Owner

CrossFit L2 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Course
CrossFit Rowing Course
CrossFit Running (Pose Method)
CrossFit Scaling Course

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Education: University of Maryland University
Currently pursuing a Master’s in Strategic Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College
Sports: Soccer, Basketball and Running
Career: Ridgeway Athletics Owner
Nickname: My call sign in the Marines was “Beefcake.”
Favorite Food: Pizza and Ice Cream
Favorite Song: Eric Church: These Boots
Favorite Album: Florida Georgia Line: Here’s to the Good Times
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Muscle-up
Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: Handstand Push Ups

Andrew was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Andrew joined the Marines at age 18. He was stationed at Miramar, CA for 3 years. He re-enlisted and did a 3-year tour as a Marine Security Guard stationed at the American embassies in Qatar, Croatia and Guatemala. Andrew finished his last year in the Marines with 2nd Battalion 24th Marines Golf Company in Madison, WI (Current home of the CrossFit games). After separating from the Marines in 2011, Andrew did security work in Afghanistan. After returning home from Afghanistan Andrew set out to fulfill his dream job of owning his own gym, which became a reality at Ridgeway Athletics.

Nina Korn - Lead Trainer

ISSA Strength & Conditioning Coach
CrossFit L1 Trainer

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Education: University of Rochester
Will be pursuing Masters in Nutrition in 2019
Sports: Softball, basketball, soccer
Career: Working toward a combination of CrossFit, Nutrition and College Athletics!
Nickname: Friends call me ‘Neen,’ my players call me ‘Coach K’
Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Pizza and anything Chocolate
(Fat kid at heart, woot-woot!)!
Favorite Song: Virtually impossible for me to choose this!
Favorite Album: Same situation as a song – I listen to everything and anything!
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Snatch/Clean/Clean & Jerk
Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: 1-Arm DB OH Squats

Nina was born and raised in Rochester, NY. She was a three-sport athlete through high school and ended up playing softball at the University of Rochester. She graduated in 2014 as the program’s first and only First-Team All-American. After college, she had two 2-year stints of coaching softball at St. John Fisher and Nazareth College. She currently is an assistant at her alma mater, the University of Rochester. Following college, she kept on her weightlifting regimen that she had in college and also became an avid distance runner. About a year after graduation she joined Monroe County CrossFit and fell in love with the sport and all that it offered. In 2016 she left MCCF and took up Olympic weightlifting and competed in her first meet at the start of 2017, she placed second. She went on to compete at two other meets. By mid-2017 she had built a garage gym and worked CrossFit back into her training. She competed in the Catalyst Games as a sub for a team that was short a member, then competed with her two training partners this past summer. She aspires to become a coach of fitness, CrossFit, wellness and nutrition – all of which she is pursuing, beginning with Ridgeway Athletics and earning a Masters in Sports Nutrition in 2019.