“Don’t Call It A Come-Back.”
Ridgeway Athletics is open to the public

Dear Ridgeway Community,
New York State has announced that
beginning August 24th, “gyms and fitness centers will be allowed to reopen at limited capacity while following rigorous safety protocols.”  Which means…
We will reopen to all members and non-members
on 8/24!

Gyms can operate at up to 33% capacity, which for CF Ridgeway is 22 individuals.  In addition to our regular check-in process, all who enter the facility will be required, by the state, to pass an official health screen questionnaire.  Read below for full info on our reopening policies and procedures.

CF Ridgeway Classes:
• Occupancy limited to 20 individuals per class.
• Some areas will be tapped off to ensure proper distancing.
• All equipment, including weights, bands, etc. must be disinfected after use (disinfectant will be provided).
• Acceptable face coverings must be properly worn at all times.  Please note: gaiters, bandanas, and buffs are not acceptable face coverings for gym use per NYS.
New policies and notes:
Please join us as we open while erring on the side of caution.
• All who enter CF Ridgeway must wear a face mask for the duration of their visit.  Note:  Gaiters, bandanas, and buffs are not acceptable / approved face coverings for gym use per NYS.
• Please arrive with your mask on and maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and others whenever possible.
• Please bring a water bottle.  Per NYS our drinking fountains are closed until further notice.
• In order to address personal hygiene, we will be offering hand sanitizer throughout the gym.  We will require that you use it as you enter.  In addition, we recommend that you wash or sanitize your hands frequently during your session and refrain from touching your face.
• Finally, we have installed MERV 13 (highest possible rating) filters for our HVAC units, ensuring maximum filtration at all times.
We are looking forward to rebuilding our community again!  Thank you all so much for your continued support!