Today, we start with a 5-part series on the elements of overall health and wellness, which are fitness, nutrition, accountability, sleep and supplements. Today we talk about fitness!

For starters, working out 3x/week is the optimal way to increase your fitness levels. However, at a certain point, everything will start to slow down as you progress over time. According to Beyond the Whiteboard (2014), working out 5 days per week produced 27% faster improvement than 3 days per week. Even increasing from 3 to 4 days per week is associated with 10% faster improvement.

So here is my argument why after 3 months of a CrossFit membership, you should upgrade to an unlimited membership!

Going beyond 3 workouts a week demonstrates a commitment to getting in the best shape of your life. Tracking your weight, body fat percentage (InBody scale) and your workout results (Wodify) will have a tremendous impact on seeing your progress. Furthermore, at Ridgeway Athletics you can take advantage of open gym times without having to worry about your 3x/week limit.

Price: 3x/week is $120 a month. The average month has 4.3 weeks. So lets say that you attend 3x/week every week that would get you at 13-14 classes per month. Take $120 divide it by 14 and you get $8.57 per class.

Upgrade to unlimited at $150 a month. Lets say you get 5 classes per week so 22 per month. Take $150 divide it by 22 and you get $6.82 per class.

Save 10% and link up your checking account and unlimited is $135 per month or $6.14 per class plus you get unlimited open gym.

Where else can you find a gym with small group classes for $6.14 per class?

Make 2019 the year you accomplish your goals! Start with upgrading to unlimited and you will start to see the difference that working out more than 3x/week makes!

Up next, the importance of nutrition because remember you can’t outwork a bad diet.