What is Ridgeway Athletics?

Ridgeway Athletics is the home to CrossFit Ridgeway. It is an iconic brand that represents fitness, nutrition, and accountability. The three pillars necessary to achieve sustainability in fitness. Our trainers are dedicated fitness professionals who are ready to help get you moving, get you in shape and get you to unlock your true potential.

Ridgeway Athletics is the brand for everything fitness and nutrition. For everything health and wellness. We are doing things a little different and a lot better than other gyms.

1.) On the fitness aspect, we have CrossFit classes and Open Gym. We also have personal training available. We currently have the Ridgeway Ruck Club starting up in 2019. We are working on the final pieces of our Barbell Club, which will offer classes on both Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. Finally, we offer specialty classes once a month on skills ranging from double unders to pull-ups. Our philosophy on fitness and CrossFit is that anyone can walk into Ridgeway Athletics, participate in a class, and then become a member.

2.) We offer nutrition services. Ridgeway Athletics has partnered with Be Well Blueprint to offer current members nutrition and health and wellness challenges. We also offer nutrition services to our 28-day challenge members. Our award-winning cookbooks, grocery lists, and meal plans have helped people lose weight, stay fit and enjoy a happier lifestyle.

3.) Our challenges are based on personal goal setting. The days of losing 25 pounds in 6-weeks are long gone. We now have challenge members complete personal goal setting and health/wellness consultations. Then we set specific goals for each challenge member. We care about you the individual from day one!

4.) Finally, accountability. This word is symbolic for us with excellent customer service. The two words or terms are tied hand in hand. Holding members accountable for coming in every week, eating healthy during (and after) the challenges, and giving everyone the option to improve upon their weaknesses with specialty classes is all part of our accountability program. We use the Wodify app to help members log in their workouts and keep track of their fitness goals.

On a final note, I am grateful for every member that has stayed with us through the rebranding and I am excited to welcome all of our future members in 2019! We have more improvements coming in the next year and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.