What is FIT30? Simply put, it is 30-minutes of fitness. It is a group class taught by a highly skilled trainer.

What kind of class is it? FIT30 is the ultimate high-energy conditioning training. Each class starts with a warm up then moves into the workouts, which typically last anywhere from 10-15 minutes and always incorporate simple yet potent movements.

What movements or exercises will I see? FIT30 combines bodyweight, rowing-biking-running, and simple weight lifting movements for each workout.

Will I get results? FIT30 workouts will improve athlete’s conditioning regardless of skill level and can be performed in nearly any location with very little equipment. FIT30 serves as the perfect option if athletes are focusing on their conditioning, need a quick workout, just getting started, or on the road.

How many classes should I attend? We recommend at least 3 per week to get the desired results!

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