What is active recovery? Why is mobility important? Any why do we like to ignore both?

Active Recovery – The term “active recovery” has been used since the start of CrossFit as a replacement for taking a rest day. Competitive athletes would do light workouts coupled with mobility instead of taking a complete day off. Why is this beneficial? Let’s think about our days off from the gym. Are we sitting at a desk all day? Are we doing house work? Are we binge watching TV on Netflix? Are we doing physical activity such as construction work?

Those questions should be talked through with a coach or a trainer! Taking a full 1-hour class to stretch and recover is more beneficial than getting in an extra set of back squats or going for a 1-rep max deadlift. The body needs to recover in order for the muscles to grow and strengthen. Taking advantage of “active recovery” days is the most important part of training. Most Olympic world records in swimming or Olympic weightlifting for example came from athletes who took a “active or full” rest day prior to getting that record. They were programmed by the best coaches in the world to “deload” then go all out when it was game day! You are just like them in every capacity. The human body needs to rest and recover to be at its best. Let us help you with the recovery part so we can get through every week feeling accomplished and rejuvenated.

Mobility – Doing extra mobility beyond what is in the warm-up is critical to recovery. Every class we aim to end 5 minutes early to provide time for post workout stretching and recovery. Mobility is a critical part of making progress and being able to attend 4-5 classes per week to obtain the optimal results. It is a priority focus on our active recovery days and a focus every other day too!

Why do we ignore both? – Stretching is not popular. Hitting that 1 rep max back squat and posting it on Instagram is. We know this as coaches! However, we know that the secret to getting that PR and another one 6-months later is “active recovery” and “mobility.” At some point (1-2 years) most athletes that ignore mobility and recovery will “peak” and start to wonder why they are not making any progress! The secret is making progress in learning new mobility movements and stretches. Learn to love getting flexible and love to learn new mobility movements!

Stop thinking: I am not going into the gym just to stretch! And starting thinking about ALL the positive benefits of “active recovery” and “mobility!”