Last week we took a look at the fitness aspect of upgrading from 3x/week to unlimited membership. This week we take a deep dive into the world of Nutrition. Ok, so we aren’t really going that in depth but here is a key point about how nutrition relates to “trusting the process.”

A lot of people have asked me for a “diet plan” or they say things like “can you just tell me what to eat.” Well the easy answer would be yes, I can give you my world class diet plan and tell you what to eat. The hard part is holding YOU accountable to that meal plan. The other element is that I don’t want YOU to start the meal plan then fall off 6 weeks later. My goal is to deliver long term nutrition success for YOU. And yes a 28-day challenge or a 6-week challenge is a great way to get started and lose some weight. If you are looking for that magical ingredient, here is the real key to success:

HABITS! We all have them. And what about STRESSORS! Yep, those too!

Creating healthy lifestyle changes should come first before starting a “diet” or “meal plan.”

1.) Because let’s be honest if your work stresses you out, are you going to follow my meal plan or cheat on an unhealthy snack? 

2.) If your kids drive you crazy are you going to eat ice cream or pop corn after they go to bed? Or are you going to follow my meal plan?

3.) If you drink soda or excessive amounts of caffeine does the meal plan fix that? NO!

That is why Ridgeway Athletics has partnered with Be Well Blueprint to offer not just nutrition services but an overall service that delivers solutions to creating sustainable, positive habits that you can maintain throughout the initial 5 or 6 weeks and beyond.

Because do you really want to spend all that hard work to lose 10-15 pounds and then gain it all back?

NO, of course not. I want to help you so you stop going on the roller coast ride of one “diet plan” to another and start the journey towards creating a lifestyle change. That’s why Melissa from Be Well Blueprint offers one-on-one coaching for post challenge members so they stay  healthy, fit and maintain a positive attitude designed to crush those bad habits and stressors. 

I leave you with 3 words when it comes to nutrition: “Trust the Process.”