We have all heard the “Bring a Friend” promotion from every gym. Our members are the best recruiters because they tell everyone how much they love working out at Ridgeway Athletics. They are better than any marketing promotion or Facebook ad. We want our members to think outside the box for a second when thinking about that “friend” to bring to the gym.

Mostly everyone thinks of the following questions when looking for a friend to bring:

Who do I know that is in really good shape?

Who can I bring to the gym that is equally athletic as I am?

Who also likes working out as much as I do?

However, we should think in the opposite direction or outside the box and here is why! The friend that loves running or going to spin class has found their fitness passion. They will have a high resistant to change their workout routine. The same thing goes for the powerlifter, the tri-athlete or the yoga person. They will all have a high resistance to change.

We need to think about the co-worker, the family member, the old high-school friend or our close friends too that:

1.) Do not currently workout

2.) Eat unhealthy foods or drink lots of soda

3.) Are looking to get to the next level or are bored with their current fitness routine

4.) That used to work out all the time but fell off lately

5.) That would do personal training but don’t know where to start

These are the “friends” that we should be looking for because they need our help the most! My challenge to you this weekend is to text or call 3 people that fit the outside the box list and invite them to Ridgeway Athletics for a FREE workout.

Have a great weekend!