On a cold Thanksgiving Day, we did a fun and challenging workout called “Thanksgiving with the girls!” The workout looked something like this:

For Time:

Angie’s House

20 Pull-ups

20 Push-ups

20 Sit Ups

20 Air Squats

Helen’s House

400m Run/500m Row

21 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

12 Pull-ups

Fran’s House

15 Thrusters 95/6

Nancy’s House

400m Run/500m Row

15 Overhead Squats 95/65 lb

Grace/Isabel’s House

20 Ground to Overheads 95/65 lb

Kelly’s House

400m Run/500m Row

30 Box Jumps 24/20

30 Wall Balls 20/1

Andrew, Amy and Jaxson’s House!

30 Burpees!

We had a few drops ins and some out of town family members attend the workout. It was great to see everyone come together as a CrossFit family before eating a ton of food later that day! Next year should be even better as I am planning Thanksgiving with the Heroes! I am looking forward to making this a yearly tradition as a great way to start our Thanksgiving Day.

On another note, I am so thankful for everyone that has come into CrossFit Ridgeway and become a part of our family here. I opened the box with the mindset of creating a community gym and it has become just that. I am thankful for all the challenges and hardships this year as well as all the PR’s and positive accomplishments this year as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Coach Andrew