Good morning and Happy Monday! We have some exciting news to share with everyone:

Far Out Designs – Nina, Jess and Megan have created a new brand that we think is going to be super amazing! You can follow them on Instagram here: Far Out Designs

They are: “A design co. using our powers to support the LGBTQIA+ community and allies.”

@kneenuh9 @ja.tuck3000 @meg.fod3

Effortlessly Healthy Special Announcement – If you are a Ridgeway Athletics member and you order from Effortlessly Healthy with the discount code: “CFRIDGEWAY” you will receive the following incentives/gifts:

1.) One Order – $10 InBody scan coupon and 1 FREE FitAid

2.) Complete One month (4 weeks) of orders – A FREE InBody Scan, 1 FREE FitAid and 1 FREE Atlas Bar

3.) Complete Two months (8 weeks) of orders – 3 FREE InBody Scans, 3 FREE FitAids and a FREE t-shirt

We are super excited to share this news with everyone and we look forward to growing our fitness community in Rochester!