Happy New Year! – 2018 is here and let’s make it the best year ever! So, let’s be honest, sometimes New Year’s resolutions seem kind of pointless. They don’t have to be. With a little change of perspective, you can make resolutions work for you. You can change your resolutions into goals and change your goals into a lifestyle.

  1. List your goals and your WHY.

It’s easy to write down list of goals “lose ten pounds, get a muscle up, run an 8-minute mile”. WHY is this your goal? Getting to the root of why these are your goals can help you decide if they really deserve to be on your list in the first place.

  1. Break your goals into realistic and attainable pieces.

So, you want to lose ten pounds in 2018? Focus on one pound at a time. You want to get a muscle up? Then your resolution should really be “work on muscle up drills X times per week”. Maybe aim to get every OTHER double under first. Then work on five in a row.

  1. Create shorter timelines.

If the end of the year is your deadline, it’s easy to lose focus. By creating multiple timelines throughout the year, you can focus on a deadline that’s not only easier to focus on, but more realistic to meet. For example, for your ten-pound goal: Lose 1 pound per month.

You’re going to kill it. I believe in each and everyone of you!

You’re a CrossFitter. That means you already know how to grind away at things that are hard. Take the steps to set yourself up for success in 2018 and you will CRUSH your goals.

Check your ego at the door –  Don’t be afraid to come in and attempt scaling a handstand movement. Muscle ups are in the WOD, that’s a good thing! Check your ego at the door like everyone else and have some fun! If you come in with an “I can’t” attitude then you have already lost, you might as well have gone home. Start coming in with an “I can do this” attitude or an “I’m scared but I got this” attitude and you will start accomplishing anything you set your mind to! Get comfortable being uncomfortable and then you will become your best!

Talk to your coach – If you are sore or need some extra mobility, let us know! We can’t help you if we don’t know what is wrong. Lacrosse ball and foam roller mobility was added into the 5:30am class on Thursday because they told me, “Hey Andrew, everything hurts!” So, we got into some specifics and worked away at shoulders, neck, lower back and scapula. Adding 5-8 minutes of mobility and still finishing the class in under 1 hour is within the ability of any coach

Coach Emiley – Emiley starts coaching the 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! We are super exciting to have her on board our coaching staff. Andrew will still be around at night sometimes coaching intro classes or working on administrative tasks so don’t worry, he is not going away. This move was done so he could spend more time with his family and focus on creating a system based business that will improve the member experience at CrossFit Ridgeway!

Final Note – I am super exciting about what 2018 has in store for us at CrossFit Ridgeway. I am grateful you are a part of the community that makes CrossFit truly amazing. So enough talking, writing and reading. Get into the gym and starting crushing your goals!

Coach Andrew