Hello everyone! Exciting news today!

We are announcing a partnership with NCFIT and the NCFIT Collective starting 7/29/2019. You know Jason Khalipa, right? His team of experts has come up with the best programming for everyone! And we are going to have that same programming/workouts at Ridgeway Athletics. You can learn more by watching this quick video from Jason Khalipa.

Also, our coaches are going to get the highest level of instructional videos, class outlines, timelines, coaching notes, intended stimulus and much more. Get an insight as to what they will see by watching this short video.
What does this mean for YOU?

The NC60 programming will be the same as our 1-hour long group classes. Also, starting on 7/29 we are changing the name of our CrossFit classes to FIT60. We are taking our programming, coaching and classes to the next level and we hope you join us!

We are now offering a free trial class for anyone who is not a current member of the gym. So, bring a friend, call/text a former member or get your spouse on board and let’s have some fun!