What is CrossFit Endurance? This is a question I have been asked a lot since the inception of our CrossFit Endurance Program started. The answer to this question is simply broken down into three parts: programming, coaching and commitment.

Programming: Our programming and coaching is derived from the coaches at Power Speed and Endurance (PSE). Power Speed Endurance is a sports specific training program dedicated to improving skill, performance, fitness and overall potential. We inspire, coach, and provide our community with the most comprehensive solutions and proven fundamentals of sports science, exercise physiology, nutrition, and athletic training protocols. You can learn more about the program here. Classes will cover everything from breath control to proper mobility before strength training.

Coaching: The coaches at CrossFit Ridgeway have spent a lot of time and effort to mirror PSE training and to create the best endurance training program available in Rochester. Andrew has a passion for running and endurance. He learned over time that the only way to improve his run times was to implement strength training instead of running more miles. His run times improved by running less and doing CrossFit training more. Our CrossFit Endurance program can take any person with any skill level and help them become an endurance athlete.

Commitment: Our coaches are committed to helping everyone achieve their fitness goals. We do not offer 6-week challenges or anything like that because we want you to be fully committed to changing your life for the long term. We start off slow then increase loads, intensity and volume as technique is perfected to help improve endurance, strength and overall performance.

How our programming works?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are strength training days. These days have CrossFit workouts that are specifically programmed to improve your anaerobic endurance. They also include strength training such as front squats to help with building muscle for overall endurance.

Tuesdays are short intervals. They are also for skill work and include drills to help improve running form and technique, which helps lessen the risk of injury. Short intervals are also a fantastic way to push your running or sprinting to the limit. In turn, this helps with stamina improvement for those long runs as well.

Thursdays are long intervals. These help runners set a pace they can stick with, races from a 5k all the way to a marathon. Finding your 1 mile and 1-kilometer pace is crucial to improving time.

Saturdays are long runs. They are meant to be done at a location of your own choice. Get outside and become one with nature. Find your favorite route and reflect on everything you have accomplished during the week.

Sunday is a rest day or a makeup day if you missed any training during the week.

3x/week Endurance is perfect for anyone who wants to come Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the strength training. This membership option allows them to see the workouts all week so they can still follow the programming and run at a location of their choice Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For $100 a month you can start a journey growing both mentally and physically as an athlete to realize your chosen potential.