The time is coming for our New Years Resolution.

We have created a marketing campaign for #resolutionridgeway

Creating resolutions are a good start. Planning goals is even better towards actually accomplishing them.

Eventually the resolutions and goals should turn into a lifestyle. Creating a healthy lifestyle balanced with fitness and nutrition can take time. It can be frustrating as life events (birthdays, holidays, sickness) can often get in the way. Breaking the resistance to change is very difficult, especially if you try to do it alone. So, what is the solution?

The true greatness or beauty of CrossFit is that it brings people together through fitness and hardship. Every person in the class goes through the process of a warm up, skill or strength and then the workout. We all improve on our weaknesses together and we all sweat together. Working as a team the fear of doing a box jump is broken the little extra needed to get that 5-pound personal record for you back squat is there! We can accomplish great feats when using diversity to our advantage. Diversity in people and in constantly varied workouts performed at high intensity. Diversity in our coaching staff scaling and modifying movements so every person gets a safe and fun workout!

This New Year divide all your resolutions up into 3 parts.

1.) Take the little things and make them resolutions.

2.) Take the more important resolutions and make them goals.

3.) Take your top goals and plan them to become a lifestyle!

Embrace the change and the struggle that comes with it. Surround yourself with people who are already practicing a healthy lifestyle. Ask them questions and seek advice.

Look to become a leader in 2019 and our community will become stronger as a result.